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Submitted on
February 7, 2007
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See your 'lil princess
hung high over there?
she was too young to perish
too excited to care.

she grew up protected,
some called her naive
but 'lil learned her lesson
this past birthday eve.

"sweet girl!" cried her concience
"step lightly, tread slow
there's so much to come yet,
you don't even know!"

but princess was fated
to fall late that night
and crawl to a corner,
eyes peeled wide by fright.

'twas the devil, he got her
but where did they go?
what temptation stole her?
was it fame? was it blow?

well, let's travel backwards,
reverse the decay.
we'll follow our lady
through that fateful day.

her waking was pleasant,
she'd had such sweet dreams
of shiney, sharp objects
raw rope and such things.

she dressed, so well rested
and danced through the morning
but her friends, they forgot her
(the very first warning)

her hair tied with ribbon
her waist tightly bound
her skirts layered lightly
bare feet on the ground

a chill caught her footfall
and crept through her system
a sudden reminder of
how much she missed him

her family did treat her
to sweets and delights
her loved ones indulged her
with nibbles and bites

there were gifts so pervacious
(that's right, I said it...
I make up my own words,
and don't you forget it!)

the princess was gifted
with handcuffs and collars
and sweet milky potions
that made her grow taller!

a room full of slave men
at her beck and call,
one of each flavor
lean, large, short and tall.

baubles with beads,
and a darling new crown,
some black latex stockings,
a crimson silk gown.

thick hoppy beers,
some sweet x-ray glasses,
a lip tinting liquer,
aerobic strip classes

left wanting for naught
yet wanting much more
she called up sir Satan
to settle a score

her lover, a whisper
seemed so far away
she'd trade a whole lifetime
to have him today

signed in blood and surrendered
no more left to say,
Sir said, "dress up sexy,
it's time to go play"...
an old poem from a journal here at DA...
decided to upload it with a manip
to be continued...

girl in tree: *angelcurioso [link]
background: =anaRasha-stock [link]
ribbon brush: ~Le-Rain [link]
star brush: ~anodyne-stock [link]
moon brush: ~anodyne-stock [link]

the following clubs have my full permission to submit my works into their galleries...
*DeviantDolls // *PaleIsPretty // ~ShadowShades // ~Loves-Black-and-Blue // =Death-Chicks // ~TaintedArt // *thenudeinsider // *assorted-nuts

2006 ayleene de monn
unauthorized use is prohibited
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lexxii Feb 12, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
~how pretty~how sweet you can be~
lexxii Feb 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
~happy Valentines Day~
Nishido Feb 10, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
Really impressive writing. And quitte exciting to read and imagine.

Good work!
Lovespoon Feb 8, 2007  Professional Writer
The measured rythm in this works well. An epic fairtale in a Dr. Seussian style.

This part following I didn't like because interjection (author intrusion) like this toss the reader out of the poem. It's like shouting, "You're reading a poem." We want is to stay inside the fictional story. We have to crawl back into the story and pick up the fictional feelings and mood again.

(that's right, I said it...
I make up my own words,
and don't you forget it!)

Other than that, it's a nice epic story poem.
This is wow!!! Really uit is a wow! I am trully impressed, especially on how the words are well chosen and the way the rhyme is going through the whole poem. Awesome girl!!! =D
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